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Maternal Heart (CoF OOC)

Claudia Wolf, the sequel?

Claudia Wolf, the sequel?

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bright side
Thought I\'d pop a quick note in, as I\'ve more or less set up the journal I shall be using for Sister Claudia.

If I don\'t lose the password as I did for poor Ghost..

Anyway. You may friend damned_daughter if you like.

You sweet dears silly ninnies have been reserving Death for me? I\'m not sure how she\'d fit in as other than a visitor, so you\'d be better off having her off the list. Wesley, however, has posted by time and again, and I\'ve logged some stories with him, so you may add missingfred if you dare.

I\'m well aware relationships between Cradle of Forest and polychromatic are more than a little frosty, so if you\'ve a worry about replying to him, that\'s quite alright. I do have a filter up, and all replies are screened, but your responses are by your own whim and, I expect at my own expense if they choose to get stroppy about it.

I\'m still trying to figure out a messenging service that doesn\'t cut out with unexpected errors every three seconds, so bear with.

I opened a new email and promise to try to be prompt in replying to it! girlwhowas@rock.com
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