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Maternal Heart (CoF OOC)

Tiffany here. I want to say a few things regarding this RPG. Take…

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Tiffany here.

I want to say a few things regarding this RPG. Take it as you will, I've been on my feet working all day and just got out of school for vacation yesterday, and I'm feeling tired, so I frankly don't give a shit at the moment.

First of all, Cradle of Forest has little to no order. The rules are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what guidelines and rules need to be in a multi-fandom RPG. Godmodding, keeping characters in-character, being polite, etc. are not the only things that people need to consider. There are more rules to an RPG than just that, important information that people need to take into account.

Part of that information should apply to the mods. When a person is inactive, it is probably for a reason. Good moderators contact a person ahead of time either via e-mail, or instant messenger to ask the reason for the inactivity and request that they update or make a hiatus notice. Good moderators should offer to beta a person's work if they have difficulty with grammar and proper spelling.

Good moderators do not send a very rude instant message which says:

"Due to your inactivity and lack of involvement, you have lost your

modship in CoF. Also you are no longer Sister Claudia, you may keep

movie Alessa since she is not a sought after character. You may app

for other characters except for any key to the Silent Hill story line."

There is not a single rule on the rule page that says that you are not allowed to apply for a major Silent Hill character if you have been inactive. Last I checked, ANYONE is allowed to app for any goddamn character that they want. There's no rule for it, and if that's the way things are, you better make a rule for it or else you'll piss people off (just like you guys have pissed me off). I don't appreciate being told at the last fucking minute that all of a sudden a decision was made that I have been ripped of my moderator-ship and that one of my characters has been taken from me without a proper warning ahead of time.

That being said, I'm leaving this RPG. It was far too slow-paced, inactive, disorganized and laid back for my liking.

I'll talk to some of you sometime later, but for most of you, I'll never talk to you or hear from you again. Hopefully you guys will learn something out of all this instead of taking it personally, and make Cradle of Forest a better RPG.
  • Say as you Like. Does not change a thing.
  • Oh dear.
    I suppose I might've talked with you about this myself via IM if, you know, you weren't ignoring IMs...

    so I guess if you must make this a big public issue, so be it.

    Insofar as I know Jess contacted you via IM about this more times than the one you quoted.
    If you'd not got them, perhaps you'd have done better to not ignore her since she is (was) one of your fellow moderators in spite of what you think of her grammar?

    Assumption you're better than other people does not a moderator make.

    "First of all, Cradle of Forest has little to no order."
    According to you. None of the other players has a problem with the rules as written but, if at some point they do, they can come to myself, Jess, Tanya or Mal (the mod who is replacing you) and let us know.

    All you ever did was tell me you thought it needed to be more disciplined, but never said how.

    All the other mods have always put their suggestions in specifics in writing.

    Myself? I don't really want or need a comm with scads and scads of discipline. In spite of your complaints, the comm has been moving along RPwise just fine.

    And RP is what it's all about.

    Jess came to me a number of times asking if she could make some changes. I've been pretty busy, so I told her go for it, and her first choice was to clear out the non-posting Cs. You might note this included her friend Nick, who so far hasn't whined about it.

    The moderator thing she discussed carefully with ALL the other mods and players.

    Most were in agreement that inactivity is a far worse crime than oh, say bad spelling, or whatever else you disliked about this community. (well, except for myself, who chose to remain neutral, since I don't think it's my place to make the really big decisions, and a number of them who replied "Tiff who?"- proof you never did much.

    "A good moderator" does this. "A good moderator" does that.

    You, as a moderator did nothing at all.

    I should think if all you could find about this community were things to complain about you'd be delighted to be leaving and indeed, good luck with your other endeavors- this leaves you much freer to work on the comm you and Amy were supposed to have finished some time back.

    But the cold hard facts are you had a major canon villain as a C, and did not post from it save for once since our opening in June. You were moderator in name only, using that position to do naught but complain about the other players, and helping with the writing- rules and otherwise- not at all.

    Jess made this motion known to all including yourself -unless, again, you blocked her messages- a good week in advance.

    You've no one to blame if the action upsets you.

    • March, even, not June.
      Puts it in perspective.

      No posts since March??

      What comm would ok that?
    • First off, I was not ignoring IMs. My internet for the past couple of days has been a piece of shit, and only has now started working properly. I have never gotten an instant message from Jess until I got home from work today.

      But whatever. I'm done.
  • GameAlessa!, Lilly, and KevinMUN here.

    First of all you hardly ever posted here save for a few occasions. Most of the time you were complaining because we didn't follow your insidious rules of grammar. Guess what? Nobody has perfect grammar, not even you! You even interrupted the flow of a log just to complain that someone's grammar wasn't to your standards, and to make matters even more grating you couldn't do it as yourself or one of your Cs. Oh no, you had to hide behind anonymous.

    You were stripped of your mod duties because you hardly ever interacted with anyone, bitched about grammar, and took major characters. This action by Jess was not a one person deal. This issue has been discussed by the players and it was a unanimous decision that you be stripped of your mod duties.

    Quite frankly we don't need inactive players in this community. We don't need so called pretentious mods who never play with anyone except their friends. I even asked you at one point if you wanted to do a log here, and you went "I dunno." I guess I don't follow your elitist standards.

    You are also one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever met online. While you complain about the lack of "rules" here you refuse to follow one of the most important rules of all.

    OOC =/= IC!!

    OOC =/= IC!!

    Let's observe something here shall we? Tanya and I join Poly. You're playing Alessa, I'm playing Stanley, Tanya is playing Walter.

    Walter kills Henry permanently. Alessa cries and gets upset, and threatens to kill Walter. Only natural because in the RP, Henry and Alessa were lovers. However Alessa never kills Walter! She makes some lame excuse that she has to talk to Xuchilbara. So what happens? Walter and Alessa talk and Alessa flashes Walter.

    Now fast foward. Stanley kills Vincent permanently (oh and btw the real reason he killed Vincent? It's on a thread here in this very RP.) Alessa and Vincent were always bickering with each other. Alas what does Alessa do? She goes on the warpath against Stanley!

    I didn't want Stanley to get killed but you and Kage insisted. We had first agreed that Alessa would not kill Stan, but soon you and kage complained that them not killing Stan would be oh so Out of Character!

    Oh, but Alessa flashing Walter is In character? Riiiiiight.

    And because I wanted to do a log I let your damn Cs kill Stanley. But apparently that wasn't enough. I guess I was supposed to have Stanley crying and boo hooing because your Alessa is so awesome.

    You know what Tiff? You and Ang OWN the Silent Hill plot over at Poly and sadly nobody else can touch it. It doesn't matter that you take the movie as canon OVER the games, and it doesn't matter that some of what you're doing is so wrong it's funny. Nope the important thing is that you're cushioned by a wonderful shield over at that place.

    So guess what? Suck it up that you don't get to control this RP, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    Good riddance.
    • Much as we all had problems with the situation in polychromatic, that has no bearing on Jess's decision.

      I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes poly gossip, however.

      Although this comm was set up after a few of us left that community (and perhaps in response to the woeful out-of-canon SH scene there), I for one never intended it as a substitute for same.

      I think the problem may be Tiff was hoping because I structured it in the same three-comm format it was going to be a simular deal.

      No dice. I never liked the way the rules were set up over there, and don't get me started how sad the moderator situation is there. *L*
      • I'm aware of the reasons behind the decision, but I did want to point out Tiff's hypocrisy. Much as Tiff's bane is grammar mine is hypocrisy.
    • You know what?

      FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF. Get over Polychromatic, for god's sake. Whatever hypocrisy I have doesn't even compare to the bullshit that comes out of your mouth. Fuck off and leave me alone.

      God, I've been wanting to say that forever.
      • No I'm not going to fuck off. As far as I'm concern CoF is more my comm than it ever was your's. But Oooh, big bad mean ol' Tiff finally told me to fuck off. Here. Allow me to applaud you!

        *clap clap clap clap clap!!!!*

        Oh, and leave you alone? As far I can tell Tiff? You made this public! You made the post whining about how Jess mistreated you. Oh, but then when people have the gall to call you out you throw a temper tantrum.

        And, guess what? I. don't. have. to. get. the fuck. over. Polychromatic!

        You can NOT tell me what the fuck to do.

    • Disclaimer: I really, really, really didn't want to have to respond to this like I'm about to, but I know I'd regret it and it would bother me, if I didn't. I'm not looking to start a fight, so I will not be responding to any comments replying to this one. Hack away at me if you must, because I know you're dying to.

      You know, this was completely unnecesary. You're showing everyone how mature you are by "telling off" tiffany, cursing, and calling names, etc.

      Also, get over polychromatic, already, it's been months.

      Oh, and that anonymous comment that disrupted an RP? That was me. Just showing everyone again that you're pointing fingers with no proof.
      So there, I fessed up. Yes, I'm a coward. Have at me. And if I recall, I typed it as kindly as I could, but of course, it was deleted because this community cannot take constructive criticism.

      I've tried so hard to be nice to you, Linda, but it doesn't matter anymore. It's not even worth trying with someone who can't carry a conversation without drama. I'm sorry.
      • Such serious business! Nearly a good laugh.

        The only off-colour word I see in the above post is \"ass.\"

        This Tiffany has been tossing about the \"f\" word like a sailor over something rather trivial.

        It seems the only \"getting over\" required is for Alessa-mun to \"get over\" what she plainly had coming.

        It\'s all a bit immature really.
        And in you dash like the polychromatic posse to defend her little huff- all for one and one for all, hey what?

        And people wonder why I don\'t involve myself muchly with that other community.

        I have heard the tale of the wrongdoings of Vincent- and Lobsel Vith-mun from both sides of the coin and I have to agree there\'s never been a more fraternising band of bootlickers than the polychromatic veterans.

        This hasn\'t stopped me from playing there as I do because I don\'t take any of that twaddle seriously.

        Pretendy funtime games, you see.
        Best to remember that.
      • You know, this was completely unnecesary. You're showing everyone how mature you are by "telling off" tiffany, cursing, and calling names, etc.

        Tiff's showing how mature she is by ousting Jess in public and making a big deal about her modship being stripped.

        >>>Also, get over polychromatic, already, it's been months.

        Actually it's only been one month.

        >>>>Oh, and that anonymous comment that disrupted an RP? That was me. Just showing everyone again that you're pointing fingers with no proof.
        So there, I fessed up. Yes, I'm a coward. Have at me. And if I recall, I typed it as kindly as I could, but of course, it was deleted because this community cannot take constructive criticism.

        Yeah that was my second guess. It was deleted BECAUSE it disrupted the flow of the RP. Seriously, how would you feel if you were doing a log at Poly and some anonymous person came in and right in the middle of the RP wrote "Hey guys, you did something grammatically wrong here, and I don't like how it's going."

        >>>I've tried so hard to be nice to you, Linda, but it doesn't matter anymore. It's not even worth trying with someone who can't carry a conversation without drama. I'm sorry.

        Oh don't even start. Since I don't want to be in Poly anymore I can go ahead and say this. It was you who ultimately got me suspended from the comm by telling one of the mods that I harassed you. But in fact the last time we talked to each other before the suspension? YOU IMed me. Truthfully I find that sad and pathetic.
  • i rather like being in a laid-back comm, and one that's slow paced. i'm glad i don't have to sift through a ton of posts just to figure out what's going on, and that i don't have a few hundred people on my f-list. everyone's got a life outside of the internet, right? its good to be able to spend just a few minutes reading and catching up.

    also, maybe it was the idea, with it being such a small comm right now, that having a million nit-picky rules was kinda pointless. and just maybe its nice that there's a community that accepts any sort of player, even those who can't spell perfectly.

  • My decision was based on activity. Yes I had tour AIM on my list. Yet I never saw it on. I have tried to IM so if you had me blocked sorry then I can't do my job and gives a heads up.
    I had to take Harry away from Nick, and Nick is is a friend. So by no means was this personal. I did get opinions on this matter as well. So in other words if your're taking this personal it's your own fault. I'm doing my job,
    apparently you know nothing about being a mod.

    Oh I learned to spell better, you have not learned anything it seems.
    • Dude. I'm ALWAYS ON. ALWAYS. If I don't answer, it's PROBABLY because I have a LIFE and SCHOOL and WORK or the INTERNET IS DOWN. I don't just randomly block people, Christ.

      I've learned shitloads, in school.

      Have fun, fuckers.
      • This is something I find hilarious. First of all the caps abuse is hilarious. Second of all the fact that you say that you're always on, but don't answer because of life and school indicates one thing.

        It indicates that Jess, Kether, myself, and others are supposed to revolve ourselves around your life. Sorry, it don't work that way.
  • "...but for most of you, I'll never talk to you or hear from you again."

    For someone who's "done", that's quite a bit of colorful replying, I have to say.

    And still all up in public when everyone's AIM is on.

    One thing I'm never going to miss from poly is the drama.

    Here's hoping this is the end of it.

    Pay close attention, folks. I only see 4 letter words in one person's responses so far...

    I do have to ask though, that is if you're not too 'done' to deign answer...if you hated this place SO much for all the flaws you've whined about since joining...why do you care if Jess removed some of your privileges? I'd think it would be a good thing.

    But it shouldn't matter; you've said you quit. So none of it- any of our opinions of your words, or your opinion of ours- should matter.

    You're free of all this. Fly away!
    • Well no, I think I said the f word once. But see it's because I'm out of my crazy pills. I almost killed my co-worker...

      *disclaimer: Linda did not really almost kill her co-worker.*
  • So 68 logs equals no activity. Oh and cussing very lit, very lit indeed. I believe no posts in three months counts as inactivity. Most comms do say if lucky two months.((Usually much less)) I been lenient and now I got to do my job. That's all there is to it.
  • I\\\'m with the Cradle of Forest team on this one, my dear.

    So, you have lost something you let lie dormant since- March 20th, I believe, it says was your last entry!- forever and a fortnight, and now you\'re whinging about it?

    Grow up, and get on with the life you are so insistent you have and that this RPG does not.

    You do come off in your little exit speech as having a decided apple-up-arse syndrome, and the fact that you\'ve huffed about and said goodbye several times through the thread smacks of a dire need to have the last word. Rather a bit of odd as it\'s come on so tardy. Had you nothing to say before they took away a few things due to absenteeism? That alone is worth quitting the whole kit and kaboodle?

    You say you are in school. If you pay for a course and then don\'t show to it, the school board takes no excuses, they merely fail you and pocket the money, and well and good for it.

    You\'ve still got polychromatic and from the sound of, all the drama-llamaing there in you should need, I\'d think. Best get on with that and let these people do what they plainly wished you might have done here as well- RP.
  • And now for the more calm response. First of all I know some of you aren't going to like this quote, or rather you're not going to like where it comes from. I myself have always believed that every religion has at least one piece of wisdom that is beneficial for the common good.

    From the nine Satanic rules of the earth.

    "Thou shall not subject yourself to what you need not be subjected to."

    It's simple actually. If the RP pisses you off so much, then leave. "pack" your things and leave the comm but don't stay just so you can have the last word. Technically, since you've left the forum, you have no need to subject yourself to what we say.

    Truth be told I'd much rather RP with someone like Jess, Kether, or Tanya. Why? Because they're fun to RP, and in my mind that's what RPing should be about. Fun.

    As Anna mentioned above, this is just "pretendy fun time games". Truthfully those words sound pretentious and dumb, but it's true. An RP should be for fun and it shouldn't be causing stress. Personally I've got enough stress in real life what with working a 40+ hour a week job at a gas station, during the night time hours (10pm-6am) I like to use "pretendy fun time" as a chance to yanno unwind. (Trust me, dealing with some alcohol sales can be a real pain in the ass.)

    So, alas if you were expecting a heartfelt plea for you to stay? You won't get it from me. Perhaps if you had been more active then maybe...but then again I doubt this would be happening.

    Kurie, Kurah.

    (and that pretty much means. "Whatever, whenever. What's done is done.)
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