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Maternal Heart (CoF OOC)

yesterday's papers

March 17th, 2008

Two Swans

I found today a Princess Tutu doujinshi. Hopefully no one already already posted it.
It is so far 32 pages long. [If anyone did post fancomic before now delete this post]

March 4th, 2008

(no subject)

Well today is my birthday. Jessika has survived another year.

August 19th, 2007

(no subject)

Mytho's shards not in Silent Hill. Just Rue's shards. Mytho remains softspoken and has the "shards" he came with.
Merely the emotions that Linda mentioned. And at this point in the anime he still merely does whatever Rue and Fakir tell him to do. Any questions I'll try and answer I suppose. 

June 18th, 2007

(no subject)

My computer is down, so I'm on hiatus with sporadic posting. Hopefully I will be back up soon.

June 11th, 2007

Thought I\'d pop a quick note in, as I\'ve more or less set up the journal I shall be using for Sister Claudia.

If I don\'t lose the password as I did for poor Ghost..

Anyway. You may friend damned_daughter if you like.

You sweet dears silly ninnies have been reserving Death for me? I\'m not sure how she\'d fit in as other than a visitor, so you\'d be better off having her off the list. Wesley, however, has posted by time and again, and I\'ve logged some stories with him, so you may add missingfred if you dare.

I\'m well aware relationships between Cradle of Forest and polychromatic are more than a little frosty, so if you\'ve a worry about replying to him, that\'s quite alright. I do have a filter up, and all replies are screened, but your responses are by your own whim and, I expect at my own expense if they choose to get stroppy about it.

I\'m still trying to figure out a messenging service that doesn\'t cut out with unexpected errors every three seconds, so bear with.

I opened a new email and promise to try to be prompt in replying to it! girlwhowas@rock.com

June 9th, 2007

Hey there <3

Henry - What the hell?
Mal here, appointed "New Mod" at COF. :D Just here to say "Hi what's up" and things... I play Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Henry Townshend of SH4. <3

If anyone needs to get at me at anytime, my COF Roleplaying AIM screen name is X Surround Me X and my personal AIM screen name is Valor Overdrive. I also have MSN, YAHOO, and ICQ, but I only go on those upon request. So if you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask! ;D Love love!
Aah well, you heard the lady.

Ms.Tiff will be leaving us.

friend remove wolf_priestess
friend remove alessalearns

at your leisure.

On a brighter note, Mal has agreed to take up the empty mod post, so let us give the girl a big welcome.

Mayhaps she will let us do the spiffy Fatal Bazooka dance with her. >:) j/k.

June 8th, 2007

(no subject)

Tiffany here.

I want to say a few things regarding this RPG. Take it as you will, I've been on my feet working all day and just got out of school for vacation yesterday, and I'm feeling tired, so I frankly don't give a shit at the moment.

First of all, Cradle of Forest has little to no order. The rules are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what guidelines and rules need to be in a multi-fandom RPG. Godmodding, keeping characters in-character, being polite, etc. are not the only things that people need to consider. There are more rules to an RPG than just that, important information that people need to take into account.

Part of that information should apply to the mods. When a person is inactive, it is probably for a reason. Good moderators contact a person ahead of time either via e-mail, or instant messenger to ask the reason for the inactivity and request that they update or make a hiatus notice. Good moderators should offer to beta a person's work if they have difficulty with grammar and proper spelling.

Good moderators do not send a very rude instant message which says:

"Due to your inactivity and lack of involvement, you have lost your

modship in CoF. Also you are no longer Sister Claudia, you may keep

movie Alessa since she is not a sought after character. You may app

for other characters except for any key to the Silent Hill story line."

There is not a single rule on the rule page that says that you are not allowed to apply for a major Silent Hill character if you have been inactive. Last I checked, ANYONE is allowed to app for any goddamn character that they want. There's no rule for it, and if that's the way things are, you better make a rule for it or else you'll piss people off (just like you guys have pissed me off). I don't appreciate being told at the last fucking minute that all of a sudden a decision was made that I have been ripped of my moderator-ship and that one of my characters has been taken from me without a proper warning ahead of time.

That being said, I'm leaving this RPG. It was far too slow-paced, inactive, disorganized and laid back for my liking.

I'll talk to some of you sometime later, but for most of you, I'll never talk to you or hear from you again. Hopefully you guys will learn something out of all this instead of taking it personally, and make Cradle of Forest a better RPG.

June 5th, 2007

(no subject)

Well. I don't need to tell ye's about that strikeout stuff.

In spite of bein' told we were being needlessly paranoid, Jess and I spent the better part of the week manually cut & pasting all the log entries to a back up on greatestjournal. It needs polishing, titles, making sure repeats are vanished, making sure all the logs are there, etc. but it's a start.

No, none of the comm's LJs nor any of my C LJs were bugged by the purge, but we still don't know if LJ is penitent about the 'new rules' or if they've accepted Jeeeesus and neonazism from WTI and intend to clean up LJ less spastically.

As I'd said before this mess, I tend to spend less time online in summer anyway (as, I am sure, do many of you), so I'm not actively promoing CoF in the first place.

If things go badly with LJ, or perhaps simply for aesthetic reasons I may consider mirroring or even moving this comm completely to deadjournal by fall.

Deadjournal, as you know, is a paysite, but its fees are reasonable, and its politcs moreso. IF we move, we shall make sure to help with the finances of any of you unable to pay for a DJ.

Anyway. Present RL nightmare aside/averted.... suggested project for the Cs.

Everybody so inclined?

Write a nightmare or two for your Cs to have/had.

Now, we've tried to make sure to learn about all of your fandoms, so as to make your experience in the Otherworld as scary and unpleasant as possible in future storylines, but only YOU know why you love the fandoms you love, and what your C finds scariest.

Save us a bit of work and give yourselves a little wake up for your muses, and have a bad dream on us, courtesy of the weird Silent Hill environs.

As yu know, we've set down a basic monster compendium if you don't want to pick a baddie from your own fandoms, but if in fact you DO want some scaries from your fandoms to become Hillwide experiences, feel free to add a footnote to the compendium entry, with a name, description and possible picture of evil beasties from your C's worlds, and we will add them in/ make mention of them in future plotlines.

Another bit of food for thought is to ask yourself what you want your Cs to accomplish here.

Why are they in the Hill? punishment? power?

How can their interaction with the others benefit or deter them from that goal?

May 28th, 2007

(no subject)

ulfie baby
nadine here again, with my big bat boy Ulf. he's a good guy, mostly ;p
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